Ozark's own straight box truck company!

We are proud to be from Ozark Missouri & We love to work with local small businesses!

Olde Route is an Asset based Freight Brokerage Firm that focuses on LTL, dock to dock, last mile, pallet disposal, & straight box truck logistic services utilizing our own fleet for all dedicated runs and our logistic contracted partners as needed for volume & guarantee freight delivery ahead of schedule.

Moving freight with Straight Box Trucks we can be creative & create more flexible routes for up tp 12 pallets per load. We will create a route specific for you based on your needs in which will be delivered by our own fleet. We love to communicate directly with our business partners, we rather deal with you than a middle man.

We go where the big trucks cant go, We are available when they are not & We do the runs they are not willing to do topped with best in the class customer service!